Fun Receipes with Nopalitos

Nopalitos con Huevo Receipe ala Selina Becho:


"Nopalitos are now my go to.  You can put them in everything - vegan and vegetarian dishes, smoothies, soups, salads, scrambled eggs, homemade pico  de gallo, salsas, tacos, you get by drift.  They are antiviral and contain antioxidants and other amazing medicinal properties.  They protect nerve cells all while regulation blood sugar.  Hope you enjoy ! " 

Ingredients Needed:

1.  Jar of Nopalitos

2.  Onion, Tomatoes and Eggs

3.  Olive Oil (or your choice)


1.  Place olive oil in your skillet (I used my copper pan and it kept the green color of the nopages) over medium - high heat.

2.  Add chopped onions and tomatoes (if desired) and let saute.  Add nopalitos and some salt and pepper to taste.  Cook for 10 - 12 minutes.  

3.  In a bowl, whisk or mix eggs.  Add eggs to nopalitos and cook to your consistency desire. 


Mexican Cactus Salad (Ensalada De Nopales)

Goes very well with grilled meat, cooked beans, in tacos.........

3-4 Medium Cactus Leaves leaned of spines

2-3 fresh medium tomatoes diced

2-3 green onions chopped

1 bunch of cilantor chopped

juice of 1 lime

salt and pepper to taste

1/4 teaspoon dried Mexican Oregano

2 Tablespoons vegetable oil

1/4 cup crumbles Queso Anejo, or queso Cotija or Feta


1.  Clean the cactus leaves of spines and wash them very well.

2. Slice the nopales thin and put them in a pot with water to cover them.  Add 1/2 teaspoon salt.

3.  Cook the leaves on medium high heat until tender, for about 15-20 minutes

4.  Meanwhile, chop the green onions, tomatoes and cilantro.  Set them aside.

5.  When nopales are cooked, remove them from the stove, drain the water and place the vegetables in cold icy water.  When cool use them for the salad.

6.  In a salad bowl, place the cactus leaves, onion, tomatoes, cilantro and dried Mexican Oregano

7.  Squeeze the juice of the lime over the salad.  Add Oil.  Taste for salt and pepper and mix everything together.  

8.  Sprinkle crumbled chees over and serve.

9.  ENJOY....