Chicken Meat PreOrder

Amber Oaks Ranch   is taking pre-orders for their Cornish Rock chickens to be processed on November 2.  Please place your orders ahead especially if  your going to want particular pieces only.  Their chickens are organically fed and paster raised.    Chicken packages are priced by the pound.  All packages are vacuum sealed.  

Whole Chicken:  $5.00 p/lb

Breasts:  $9.00 p/lb

Leg Quarters:  $5.50 p/lb

Legs:  $5.00 p/lb

Thighs:  $6.25 p/lb

Wings:  $4.25 p/lb

Back/Frame:  $2.50 p/lb

Feet:  $1.50 p/lb

Liver:  $3.00 p/lb

Hearts:  $3.00 p/lb

Get 10% off on advanced orders over $100.00 - Good thru Oct. 31.

A note from Amber Oaks Ranch:  "The chicken meat we sell is hormone and antibiotic free, rotationally grazed on pasture, organically fed with non GMO.  Our chickens live in a low stress environment."