My Story

It has been my passion for the past 15 years to develop a sustainable farm.  Here I am today succeeding with my  journey.  Don't get me wrong there's been a lot of trial and errors but it sure feels good that I'm following my heart.  As for myself and partnering ranches, we are dedicated to providing good value, consistent quality and dependable service to fulfil your needs.  We use sustainable practices like diversified farming, vermiculture, composting with nitrogen - fixing plants, and raise our animals outdoors without antibiotics and hormones.  All year long, everyone has the opportunity to visit our partner farms and experience how they run their operations and even get to help the farmers in a task.  Our partner farms range from a sustainable meat farm to a organic heirloom vegetable farm.  Through partner farm visits, everyone will be able to broaden their understanding of the various pieces of our local system and they get to meet those who are producing food for our community.​

We sell online, at farmers markets and to restaurants.  Please feel free to contact us for Grass Fed Beef, Chicken Meat, Produce, Herbs, Quail, Duck and Chicken Eggs.  We love volunteers and our gates are always opened for visits. 

Delivery is available to the surrounding cities of  San Antonio.   Delivery to New Braunfels is also available.  

Norma Ayala

Garden Diva